by Mahwish Bhatti on Wednesday, January 20, 2010 at 10:59am
The mantra of the movie ‘The planet of the apes’ was that animals are born free to live wild. Tear, share, peel, reveal, eat, digest and hunt for more were the pivotal educations. The apes were thick skinned to bear the brunt of all seasons and their position was so enhanced that they ruled over humans.

The apes were kings and queens, the apes were royalties and majesties, the apes led the military and the apes planned any and every strategy. The apes ruled the planet and the planet was of the apes. The humans existed but behind the bars or as pets. Their roots had been chopped off and they were so detached that they would dare not consider themselves in any better position than that of the sycophants. The beasts from the wild were civilized and the once civilized were worthless beasts.

The humans had to be shaken up, though in minority they were still the ones with more potential. The apes being well aware of the same fact had implanted their own ideology into humans. It had been hammered down into their minds that they (the humans) were good for nothing. They were made to forget their identity and be lost in the wilderness.

The humans today also suffer from identity crisis. The ideology is being clouded and a new one being implanted. Corruption is being promoted so that the followers loose the essence of the faith. The promoters of the order of apes cannot manipulate the teachings however they can and do distract us enough that we forget the teachings and get buried in the myths and mysteries, our philosophies are altered, our preferences are modified and we are being robbed off of our purpose.

The system installs bars inform of us and attaches so many strings that we dare not imagine ourselves in a different position. How will we live without friends? What will we do when we are bored? How will we make our families proud if we don’t get into proclaimed best colleges and universities? How will we combat with boys if we don’t run alongside at the equal pace? How do we get rid of all the discrimination? The puppeteers have attached endless strings but the puppets are bound only till the time they realize that they aren’t puppets. The puppeteers shall be accountable for their deeds and the puppets shall be accountable for their deeds i.e choosing to be puppets.

Ik chaal wo chalay thay aur phir ik chaal hum nay chali jis ki un ko khabar na thi ab daikh lo k un ki chaal ka anjaam kia hua.
Hum nay tabah kar k rakh dia unn ko aur unn ki puri kaum ko..aur bacha lia hum naii unn loagoon ko jo eemaan laii thay. (SURAH NAMAL 27:50)